Lily Allen Believes Her New Album Is An Underachievement



The British pop cutie, Lily Allen believes her upcoming album is not her best piece of work, claiming it can’t reach the standards set by previous records.

The hitmaker thinks she’s not up to the task with her third album, as her inspiration somehow get lost along the way.

The new album Sheezus is to be released on Friday, May 2, after her four year hiatus from the music scene. The pop star took a four year brake to start a family, but she fears she’s has disappointed her fans.

A more than a month ago, in mid March, she released a few singles, but described them as “beige” assuring the fans the good stuff is yet to come. One of the fans made a comment about her new album on Twitter “lilyallen’s new music is actually docile pop rubbish.

So disappointing. She properly just wrote some rubbish to cash in some cheques.” Lily Allen agreed to replying “What you’ve heard so far yes. All I can do is do my best, the labels and the radio stations won’t play the better stuff.”

She does agree that her new album Sheezus is not her best piece of art, but she believes that it resembles her signature work, which is enough for now, after the long studio break. In an interview with Q magazine, she reveals,

“I felt such relief that I could connect with myself again. I don’t want to slag off my own work because I am proud of this record, but I think there’s probably better to come from me and there’s been better stuff in the past as well. I was just relieved to have something that slightly resembled me because I’d felt so far away from me.”

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