Lily Allen To Record World Cup Anthem



Singer Lily Allen could be following in her father’s footsteps by releasing an unofficial World Cup music.

Her new tune Bass Like Home is actually an ode to everything she adores about her native England. It’s about William Shakespeare, John Lennon, the Queen, lager and soccer star Paul Gascoigne.

The singer has debuted a new song on her page, and although it doesn’t in any way refer to soccer or the upcoming World Cup in Brazil, she has named it her ‘unofficial’ ode to the tournament on her Twitter account.

Alongside a link to the song, she wrote, “My unofficial #worldcup song BASS LIKE HOME (sic).”

The song, which is not featured on her latest album Sheezus, may not mention the competition, but it does refer to a number of English exports, including legendary England soccer player Paul Gascoigne.

The 29-year old star sings, “Who gave you [William] Shakespeare? Who gave you melons? We gave you Gazza [Paul Gascoigne], twisted your melons.”

“God Save The Queen with a pint of lager. I’ve been around, there’s no where I’d rather be.”
“Rule Britannia, Britannia rules the waves. We’ve been doing this since way back in the day. (sic)”

Keith Allen, her father, and his band, Fat Les, dominated the charts with their unofficial England world Cup tune Vindaloo back in 1998. The song was written in collaboration with Blur star Alex James.

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