Listen to Sia’s Sensational New Track



If you are not excited about Sia’s new album, you will be after listening to this new track. Her new album, called “This Is Acting,” is about to come out, and “Alive” is the first single. It is a completely electrifying and emotional ballad that really highlights what Sia is all about, pouring her heart out and showing how strong and powerful her voice is.

Talking about her new album, Sia said that it’s much more pop than her previous efforts. Explaining the name, she said that most of the songs were tracks that she was writing for other people, so she wasn’t thinking about being herself while recording them, but acting and trying to be someone else.

“Alive” was a song that was written for Adele, but the British singer did not want to use it. However, Sia said that she wrote another track for Adele that did make it on to the gifted singer’s new album, which is expected to come out in November.

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