Lorde Addresses Lip Sync Rumors Perfectly



Sometimes perfect is too good for some people. Lorde joined Disclosure on Saturday Night Live this weekend for a performance of their hit collaboration “Magnets.”

Apparently, she sang it so well that many people were calling her out and saying that it was a lip syncing performance. There have been instances in which performers did lip sync on SNL (Hi, Ashlee Simpson), but Lorde assured everyone that this wasn’t the case. Sure, she sounded just like she does on the recorded track, but that’s how singing sounds when you put a lot of practice into it and you’re super talented like Lorde.

She tweeted saying that the fact that people thought she lip synced is a great compliment, adding that she never has and never will. So there you go, haters. Lorde’s vocals are perfect live and the proof is in the pudding. Check out the video again to see the stunning performance.

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