Mariah Carey Bombs At Tokyo Concert



Mariah Carey just kicked off her new world tour in Tokyo, and the results were less than flattering. According to social media reports, Carey sounded terrible throughout the night.

While there was no recording of the entire concert, some clips did surface of the singer having a really hard time singing some of her big hits at the start of the concert. Hopefully things got better for her as the night went on.

Some media in Japan did not that she struggled, stating that she was having problems with her microphone at the beginning of the show, but they claimed that she was excellent later in the set and that her sparkling five octave range is still very much intact.

Hopefully she’ll get it together. Carey has 19 more shows to play on this leg of the tour, which will take her all around Asia and to Australia. At least she isn’t resorting to lip-syncing just yet.

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