Meet Mitski Miyawaki, The Rising Star Of Rock!



In case you still haven’t discovered Mitski’s world of creativity and brilliant songwriting, now would be a great time to start as she just released her second album Puberty 2, according to MTV News.

Apparently, this 25-year-old artist has a lot to say and her expression has reached new heights on this album, where she displayed all of her raw emotions and insecurities through the indie rock sound. The album mirrors the journey to the center of the artist, where she bares all of her fears and addresses the insurmountable clash of everyday life and some higher, more enlightened purpose. Pair all this with Mitski’s resonating voice that echoes over the guitar strings and you get an album that draws attention with its honesty and openness.

Mitski is quite new to the indie rock scene, but it seems that she is well on her way to headlining festival stages all around the world.


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