Metallica’s Special Cassette Is Second Best Seller On Record Store Day



Remember cassette tapes? Too young to remember CD’s? We feel for you. But this Record Store Day proved cassette’s aren’t dead. That, or ‘Tallica fans will buy anything you throw at them.

Need proof? “No Life Til Leather” was the 2nd biggest selling item last weekend!

Below is the full list, adding to the insult to all Met fans.

1. Get Behind Me Satan ‘ White Stripes
2. No Life Til Leather ‘ Metallica (cassette)
3. Bust No Moves ‘ Run the Jewels
4. Changes ‘ David Bowie
5. Alex Chilton ‘ Replacements
6. Meet Me in the City ‘ Black Keys
7. Untethered Moon ‘ Built to Spill
8. I Love You, Honeybear ‘ Father John Misty
9. The Basement Tapes ‘ Bob Dylan
10. Dark Globe ‘ Syd Barrett / R.E.M.
11. Believe ‘ Mumford and Sons
12. Touch Me I’m Dick ‘ Citizen Dick
13. Sheena’s a Punk Rocker ‘ Ramones & Husker Du
14. The Dajeeling Limited ‘ Various Artists
15. The LC LP ‘ Twenty One Pilots
16. Strange Days ‘ Doors
17. Picaresque ‘ Decemberists
18. Songs From the Laundry Room ‘ Foo Fighters
19. Koncert V Praze: In Prague Live ‘ Johnny Cash
20. Social Distortion ‘ Social Distortion

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