Metro Station And All Time Low Beef At APMAs



Things were getting pretty testy at one point last night at the APMAs. The beefing was actually between two popular pop rock bands, Metro Station and All Time Low.

Metro Station’s Trace Cyrus kicked it off when saying something about All Time Low while he was supposed to be introducing PVRIS’ performance with Tyler Carter.

Cyrus said that All Time Low have expressed their dislike for his band many times, and he’s not sure why, because Metro Station have never been anything but nice to them.

While the PVRIS-Tyler Carter performance was going on – which was awesome by the way – sources from the awards show said that there was a verbal altercation going on between the members of Metro Station and All Time Low backstage and that it almost turned into a physical one.

Apparently, the two bands have some on-again-off-again beefs going on since 2009. Can’t we all just get along?

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