Miley Cyrus Talks About Relationships With Women



Miley Cyrus has just launched a new campaign with her Happy Hippie Foundation called #InstaPride. The campaign looks to celebrate transgender and gender expansive people. She talked about how her relationships with men and women differed, stating that guys bring an overtly macho energy to the equation, while she feels that she takes over this macho energy when she is dating a woman and then has the need to protect her partner.

She opened up about sex, saying that it’s easy to find someone to have sex with, but she is looking for someone she can talk to and be herself, which is a much harder task.

Cyrus added that she is open to both genders when it comes to relationships, but stressed that if she does end up in a straight relationship, she is not interested in guys who are “slobs,” watch porn all the time and make their girlfriends feel ugly.

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