Miley Filmed Cat Fight At Her Concert



Singer Miley Cyrus took her camera during a concert on Saturday, April 12, only to capture a fight between two women in the audience.

During her latest Bangerz tour stop in Detroit, Michigan, the gig was enough entertainment for the singer as well as for her fans, when two women were caught up in a fight. Miley got it all on camera.

While she was singing a cover for Bob Dilan’s You’re Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go, she noticed two women near the stage throwing swings at each other.

She took the chance to get out her iPhone to film the whole incident.

Of course, the video was for her profile, where she could be heard screaming, “Catfight!”

As the cover was close to the end, she was delighted by the fight, and exclaimed, “I’m gonna be searching for this YouTube video. I got it all on camera. It’s gonna get so many views.

There’s f**king fights at our shows!”

The fighting ladies were not exactly camera ready with their clothes almost falling off and exposing their girly body parts while busy clawing at each other.

However, it seems Miley didn’t mind and was pretty much entertained by the incident even posting part of it on her Instagram page.

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