Morrissey Reveals His Battle With Cancer



Former frontman of The Smiths and indie rock legend Morrissey revealed to a Spanish newspaper that he is currently undergoing treatment for cancer, though he did not specify what type of cancer he has.

He told the news agency that he has undergone several procedure already and that doctors have scraped cancerous tissues from him four times already.

Surprisingly nonchalant about everything thing, he ended his statement with “who cares” and added:

“If I die, then I die. And if not, then I don’t.”

The singer said that he currently feels much better and that he realizes that he looked pretty sickly on some recent photos, and that a lot of his fans are concerned about him.

Morrissey is 55 years old and is one of the most important supporters of veganism in the world. He had to cancel several shows last year, and it turns out that these cancellations were directly related to his health issues and cancer treatments.

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