N.W.A. Movie Has Best Opening Week In History of Music Biopics


Universal is having a huge summer. Adding to their big wins is the new N.W.A. biopic “Straight Outta Compton,” which is breaking music biopic records very easily. The movie has surpassed all expectations in the first weekend, making $56 million domestically.

That’s way more money than some legendary music biopics made in their opening weekends, including the Ray Charles biopic “Ray,” and the Johnny Cash flick “Walk the Line.”

According to projections, the movie was expected to gross no more than $25 million in its first weekend, but obviously those expectations were shattered.

It’s also very unusual for a movie that runs two and a half hours and has an R rating to do this well at the box office.

The biopic about the controversial and music-industry-changing rap group comes out at a time when many of the story lines are very relevant, especially when it comes to the state of police unrest in places like Ferguson, Missouri.

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