Next One Direction Album to Sound Like Oasis?



Are you looking forward to hearing the new One Direction album to see what they are going to do without Zayn Malik? Well, it seems that you won’t have to wait much longer. One fourth of the boy band, Liam Payne recently said that the album is really coming together well and that he wants it to be an album that will have a lasting effect on the fans.

When asked about the sound of the new album, Payne said something pretty shocking. He said that it sounds “Oasis-y.”

Payne said that the group wanted to try to tackle a more mature style that would “have a longer shelf life.”

Not sure how the fans will react, but we’re sure that Oasis leader Noel Gallagher certainly won’t like it.

He’s already stated that while they are nice enough people, he cannot support bands who have teams of songwriters who write their hits for them. Maybe they should have just hired Gallagher then if they wanted that Oasis sound.

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