North West Loves Daddy Kanye’s Music



The good news for Kanye West is that his daughter North apparently loves his music, according to wife Kim Kardashian.

The bad news is that according to Kim, she uses her hubby’s music to help but the young baby too sleep when she is having trouble with that.

Does that mean that she finds Kanye’s music boring? Probably not, but she definitely seems to find it soothing enough to fall asleep to.

When mothers are having trouble putting their kids to sleep, sometimes it helps to play them music that the mother might have listened to while the baby was still in the womb.

And since Kim followed Kanye around on tour a lot while she was pregnant, choosing some of her husband’s jams for North’s sleepy-time music makes a lot of sense. Kim says that if Kanye is making music in another part of the home while North is being put to sleep, hearing the music definitely helps were pass out.

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