Norwegian Rapper Sounds A Lot Like Eminem


Would the real Slim Shady please stand up? It’s not hard to understand why rappers would want to copy the style of Eminem, he is the biggest-selling rap artist of all time after all. There is one guy, in particular, these days that has been emerging as one of the best clones of the Detroit rapper, and believe it or not, the guy is not even American.

Mads Veslelia is a rapper from Norway that is making waves on the web. He raps in English and the sound of his voice is very reminiscent of Eminem. He even employs a lot of the same flows and rhyme schemes that Slim Shady is known for.

Asked about it, Veslelia admitted that Em is a huge influence of his, but asked whether he is intentionally trying to sound like Eminem, he said no. Here’s a clip of the Norwegian rapping. See for yourself.

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