Papa Roach Singer Reveals His Uncle Gave Him Herpes


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Papa Roach frontman Jacoby Shaddix shared the details of his first kiss in a recent video interview with Hit The Floor Magazine.

Apart from revealing that his uncle was the first person to kiss him, the singer added that he got herpes afterwards.

“My first kiss was when my uncle kissed me and he gave me herpes. It was terrible. Anybody else got herpes? Yeah, you do. Don’t lie to yourself. I know you got it, you watching this.”

Apart from the bizarre news from his personal life, Jacoby Shaddix will co-direct the video for PAPA ROACH’s new single, the title track of its eighth studio album “F.E.A.R. (Face Everything and Rise)”, which will come out in early 2015.

He also took the opportunity to address his fans and share some of his wisdom with them.

“If I’ve got a message to my fans, it’s go be yourself. You know what I’m saying? No matter what’s going on out there in the world, believe in yourself and go be yourself, because that’s what the world wants from you — is you to be you, and not you to be a copy of somebody else.”

“You know what I’m saying? That’s what P-ROACH is about. We’re just us. We’re not trying to emulate somebody else or something else. Be yourself and be proud.”

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