P!nk Joined On Stage By Daughter



There was a great mother-daughter moment on The Ellen DeGeneres Show yesterday. Guest star P!ink took to the stages to the show’s new theme song, which is great by the way. The cool thing about the performance was that she brought her daughter on stage with her!

The cute little four-year-old’s name is Willow and you can tell right away that she and P!nk have a very similar style when it comes to fashion choices. The singer was wearing plaid pants and a bomber jacket while Willow was wearing a cool denim jacket with some patches and colorful leggings.

If you’ve been following P!nk, then you probably know that she went into the studio recently to record the new Ellen theme song with her daughter, since she released a video of some behind-the-scene footage from the sessions.

Looks like Willow is all ready to start following in her mommy’s footsteps.

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