Radiohead Drummer Phil Selway Talks About Band’s New Album



In an interview in this week’s NME, Radiohead drummer Phil Selway has revealed that now is the right time to start working on the band’s new album. 

Although they are about to start work on the follow-up to 2011’s ‘The King Of Limbs’ in September, Selway has added that he has no idea what the album will sound like.

I have absolutely no idea.  And that’s what keeps us all there until the end.

We are starting again in about a month’s time. We’ve decided that now feels right to start making music and we’ve got the first week booked in together so we’ll see how it goes.

He has also spoken about his forthcoming solo album ‘Weatherhouse’, which will be released on October 6, and has said that the song titled ‘Turning It Inside Out’ has nothing to do with Radiohead.

Namely, in the song, Selway sings “Sometimes I could leave it all behind,” but assures Radiohead fans that there is no disharmony in the band.

Inevitably frustrations can get the better of you if you’re working in any kind of close relationship.  It’s fairly natural for those thoughts to cross your mind, but there’s a song and then there’s the reality of your life. It’s not sent out as a warning signal.

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