Rihanna Leaks Kanye Tour Info By Mistake



No one knew that Kanye West was planning an American tour in 2015, until Rihanna accidentally tweeted about it. But she really didn’t mean to do it.

Rihanna was tweeting about the Diamond Ball auction, which is a benefit that she works on every year.

In one of the auctions, the highest bidder will get to go to a Kanye concert and even meet the rap star. The item on auction will also include some signed memorabilia and other cool merchandise.

Her intentions were good, but it was clear that Kanye was keeping this tour a secret and didn’t want anyone to know about it just yet. Oops!

No news yet on whether Kanye is mad about it and whether this will force his hand and make him announced the tour now. The starting price for this Kanye West tour package will be $15,000. So if you really love Kanye and would like to take it home, start saving your pennies today!

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