Rihanna Says She’s Not A Role Model



You would think that every pop star would want to try to hitch themselves to Taylor Swift these days, considering how hugely popular she is. However, Rihanna is not one of those stars. She is on the cover of the latest issue of NME magazine.

In the interview, she was asked if she would like to be a part of Swift’s girl squad, and surprisingly, Ri Ri said that she would not.

The “Diamonds” singer said that Taylor Swift is a role model, and that she is not.

She continued, saying that their brands are simply not the same and that they stand for completely different things. Obviously, she’s hinting at the fact that she is known as a bad girl, while Swift is known as a goody-two-shoes.

Despite what you think of her, it’s definitely refreshing when a pop star gives real answers without trying to please everyone. Keep doing you, Ri Ri!

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