Rihanna’s New Video Is The Craziest Thing In A Long Time


In case you haven’t seen the video yet, stop reading and check it out. Trust us; you do not want us to ruin this for you.

Rihanna’s new video for B***h Better Have My Money is the craziest mainstream video we have seen in a long time. It features all kinds of nudity, violence and insanity, all sprinkled with some fancy shots and very interesting cameos from two actors everyone will recognize.

However, this particular MusicBump writer is not that exuberant over the video. Rihanna is simply just trying too hard, it feels jumbled at times and what’s worse, it feels cheap.

It reminded this MusicBump writer of the better episodes of V.I.P. (that forgotten TV gem from the late 1990s), only with better cameos and smaller boobs (for the most part).¬†Still, it’s worth checking out. Definitely.

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