Rivals Jay Z And Rival Nas Reunite At Coachella



Former rap rivals Jay Z and Nas have reunited on stage at Coachella music festival in California on Saturday, April 12. The purpose was a celebration of the 20th anniversary of classic Illmatic album.

Nas played the whole 1994 release before inviting Jay Z to come to stage for an interpretation of Dead Presidents II, his track from 1996 which sampled Illmatic’s The World Is Yours.

Jay Z, who had a lyrical feud with Nas in 2001, also treated the audience with Where I’m From.

Another Nas’ surprise guest on stage was Sean Diddy Combs, who later came on stage and joined Nas in his single Hate Me Now from 1999, hours after the rapper and producer called Pharrell Williams for Pass The Courvoisier Pt. II with Busta Rhymes.

While paying tribute to Nas, comb said, “Nas, you have to understand. If it wasn’t for you, hip-hop wouldn’t be where it is today.”

And there was Mrs. Carter, Beyonce, who also made an announced appearance on Saturday, together with her sister Solange Knowles at the end of her Losing You track. They also performed a short dance routine together.

The 2014 Coachella festival included artists like Outkast, Muse, Haim, Queens of the Stone Age, Lorde, Pharrell Williams and the Pet Shop Boys, while Arcade Fire, Motorhead, Lana Del Rey and Calvin Harris played on Sunday, April 13.

There is another weekend and another round of Coachella festival scheduled for the weekend, April 18-20.

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