Robin Thicke Talks About His Problems With Drug Addiction



The Hollywood Reporter recently leaked a confidential deposition Robin Thicke made this April during a lawsuit, in which he not only admitted he was high on Vicodin and drunk throughout most of 2013, but that he also did not write his number one hit, “Blurred Lines.”

The lawsuit involved Marvin Gaye’s children who claim the crooner basically ripped off one of their father’s songs. In a surprisingly candid deposition, Thicke revealed that Pharrell Williams was the one who wrote “Blurred Lines,” which became a major hit, saying that he honestly just wanted credit for it, even though his participation in writing the track was minimal.

The singer also talked about his drug and alcohol abuse and his failed marriage. Thicke’s latest album “Paula” documents his break-up with his wife and many fans and critics have called it a desperate and somewhat embarrassing attempt to try and get her back.

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