Roger Waters Hates What The Music Industry Has Become



Roger Waters has seen it all, and the Pink Floyd alumni has seen the “dark side of the music biz.” According to him, he things that technology has ruined the music industry and that is incredibly happy that he was born before all of this happened.

He told The Times that he is very happy that he lived in a time when a person could live off recording songs and playing them live. He said that this was a time before Silicon Valley took over the music industry, calling the businessmen behind these changes to the music industry business model over the years “rogues and thieves.”

He said that since these people stand between the musicians and the public, they are the ones who are ruining it for the musicians and trying to milk music makers of every cent they possible can.

Asked about whether he will ever reunite with Pink Floyd, Waters remains firm on the notion that he never will. He said that life is too short to keep looking towards the past.

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