Slash Would Like to See a Guns N’ Roses Reunion



Even though Guns N’ Roses still exist today, it’s not really the same band that kicked so much butt in the 80s and 90s. It’s pretty much just lead singer Axl Rose and a bunch of hired guns playing old songs. The biggest missing ingredient is of course Slash, the legendary guitarist who is just as much the face of the band as Axl is.

However, the two have not really talked in almost 20 years. Giving an interview recently for CBS news, Slash talked about Guns N’ Roses and the chances of a real reunion.

His response was basically “never say never.”

Slash said that even though he and Axl have not talked in a long time, much of the tension that used to exist between them is no longer there and dissipated through time.

Slash said that he can’t make any promises, but said that if everyone agreed to do it for the right reasons, a reunion would probably be something that he would do, adding that it would be a treat for fans to see.

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