Soulja Boy Apologizes To Fans for “Suicide Note”



Fans were genuinely concerned about rapper Soulja Boy this week when he sent off a SnapChat in which he said that he was going to die soon and that he had enjoyed his life. Fans thought that it looked like a digital suicide note and they were taking to social media to alert people close to Soulja Boy to go and help him with whatever he is going through.

However, Soulja Boy is feeling better today and addressed his fans. He apologized to his friends, family and fans for the SnapChat and said that he was simply going through some issues and had a lot on his mind.

He ended the message stating that he is fine and that no one should be worried about him. The rapper said that he is aware of how blessed he is and that he is going to continue to strive for greatness.

That’s good to know.

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