Spector Made Amy Cry With Back To Black Cover



Singer and legend Ronnie Spector remembers the time she made the tragic star Amy Winehouse cry by covering her hit song Back to Black.

Amy, who died at age 27 in 2011, often referred to Ronnie as an inspiration. She was visibly moved when her idol singer sang her song and showed her mutual respect by playing one of Amy’s most famous tracks.

Spector told Britain’s The Guardian, “I used to wish I could get my hands on her. She came to one of my shows. I was singing Back to Black and there was a tear in her eye.”

“She was too shy to meet me, but she was so sweet to me. I read articles where she said: ‘I love girl groups, especially the Ronettes.’ I think she liked us because we were different. I had a black and Cherokee mom and a white father, and that was different. And we were pretty. We didn’t have wigs like the other girl groups, it was our real hair.”

Amy had, although short-lived, one of the most influential musical careers of all time. Her voice and life were and are still talked about.

The New York Times style reporter, Guy Trebay, discussed the influences on Winehouse’s style after her death. She stated, “her stylish husband, Blake Fielder-Civil, may have influenced her look.”

Trebay also said, “She was a 5-foot-3 almanac of visual reference, most famously to Ronnie Spector of the Ronettes, but also to the white British soul singer Mari Wilson, less famous for her sound than her beehive; to the punk god Johnny Thunders…; to the fierce council-house chicks… (see: Dior andChanel runways, 2007 and 2008) … to a lineage of bad girls, extending from Cleopatra to Louise Brooks’s Lulu and including Salt-n-Pepa, to irresistible man traps that always seemed to come to the same unfortunate end.”

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