Stranglers Drummer Won’t Retire



The Stranglers drummer, Jet Black, says he won’t retire due to ill health, as he loves the sensation of playing with the band.

He has spent years battling with a heart condition and troubles with his neck, spine and lungs.

He has also been forced to cut back on the time he spends on stage and often performs just half way on concerts with The Stranglers.

The 75-year old Black confessed he was often urged to retire, but he still wants to be part of the band. He plans to continue playing as long as he can, despite his years and health issues.

He told Britain’s The Independent newspaper, “People say I should retire. I have actually, with ill health, reached this situation where I can’t do everything I used to do, but I still want to come on and do what I can.

And judging by the audience’s reactions, they seem to like it.

When you get up in the evening and see all those people, all you can think about for the next one and a half hours is delivering your best, and if you do, they’ll thank you for it. It is the most satisfying thing.”

In 2007, it was announced on their website that Black was suffering from atrial fibrillation and refrained from appearing with the band until he had felt better.

He played a full Stranglers concert in June 2007, and regularly played with the band again, although he was unable to travel long distances at that time.

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