Taylor Swift Torturing Love-Stricken Ex Harry Styles


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First of all, it’s obvious that Taylor Swift has a type. Her ex Harry Styles and her new boyfriend Matt Healy look alike and they are both British. And after what she called a long dry spell, Taylor is enjoying being the center of attention and having men fight over her. Healy is obiviously head-over-heals for her, but you can also tell that her ex Styles really wants her back.

She even got to perform her hit “Style,” which is about him, at this weeks Victoria’s Secret Show, while Styles was in attendance!

Can you imagine how Styles felt watching his ex strut down the runway in sexy outfits with a bunch of other supermodels and then performing a song about their relationship? It must have been eating him up inside.

Sources close to Swift say that she is enjoying every minute of it and loves the attention she is receiving. She’s enjoying the fact that Styles is pining over her, while also being completely content with her new fling Healy. Life is good for Taylor Swift!

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