The Grateful Dead Say Farewell To Their Fans


On Sunday, July 5, original Grateful Dead members Phil Lesh, Bob Weir, Mickey Hart and Bill Kreutzman were joined by Bruce Hornsby, RatDog’s Jeff Chimenti and Phish’s Trey Atanasio for one last show at Soldier Field in Chicago.

And as much as the music was amazing, and it truly was with a set that included Truckin, Drums/Space, Mountains of the Moon, Throwing Stones and Built To Last among others, it was not just about the music. The concert, together with the whole Fare Thee Well Tour was about community; it was about sharing and loving each other, in the corniest but also the most honest way imaginable.

The band that has been around for fifty years truly put on a memorable last performance in front of a crowd of over 70,000; reminding everyone once again that age, virtuosity and commercial appeal mean nothing in the world of music.

It goes without saying that it was also an emotional farewell, best summed up by the last thing Mickey said before leaving the stage:

“Be kind.”

We will leave you with the last song Grateful Dead will ever perform live – Attics of my Life.

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