20 Highest Paid Musicians

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Musicians make exorbitant amounts of money, even with all the streaming services reducing their income and album sales going down. The most popular music acts still bring home megatons of bacon and while some may deserve it in your opinion, others probably don’t.

Today, we will be looking at the highest paid music acts in the world and we will try to explain to ourselves and the rest of the world how these musicians manage to earn as much as they do. Some of them are just baffling.



Madonna has been around since times immemorial. The lyrics of her first hits can be found carved into rock in caves in Southern France. She has been in the music business for so long that many of us do not even remember the time when she was not strutting her stuff on stage somewhere, trying to convince everyone that she is not old.

However, Madonna still manages to earn some serious bucks and when we say serious, we mean SERIOUS. For instance, only last year, she earned 125 million just from touring. When you add her fashion line and line of fragrances, as well as some other ventures of hers to that, we come to a number that is much bigger.

She may be ancient, she may be boring as hell by now, but Madonna knows how to pull in cash and she will be doing it long after we are all dead. And isn’t that what music is all about?

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  • Kari Jaquith

    you mean people actually pay money to hear Justin Bieber sing…ROFL

  • oldman

    you actually call Justin a musician? Pardon me he is a teenage jerk.

  • Aaron Hutson

    Madonna is the queen of pop and always will be!

  • Patrick

    It’s too bad radio has shunned Madonna because of her age these modern girls like Katy etc wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for M

  • Michael Wenthold

    coldplay earns 60 million for being a bad U2 knockoff? What is this world coming to?

  • Sadie Carson

    Didn’t all of these so called musicians (Their words not mine) hang with all the OWS crowd and bash the wealthy and rich? Something is odd here…

  • buck

    most wannabe musicians do not know what music is!

  • ken harris

    give me some Freddie Mercury and QUEEN, some ELO, some Sinatra and a little Gershwin and I’m good.