20 Highest Paid Musicians


You can love them or you can hate them, but they are the crème de la crème of the music industry, earning millions and millions of dollars every year. They are the best-selling and highest paid musicians of all time who have changed the course of music history during their highly successful careers.

We present you the 20 highest paid musicians in the world:


Expectedly, the Queen of Pop is the highest paid musician of all time. Madonna’s tours gross about 305 million dollars – not to mention the income of her fashion line Material Girl and her fragrances.

However, there were recent reports on a possible rivalry between Madonna and the “new Madonna”, Lady Gaga. It doesn’t come as a surprise that Madonna won. She pulled in 125 million dollars over the past year only. This made her the highest paid musician and performer in history.

According to CNN critics, Madonna is “arguably the most influential female recording artist of all time.”

Critical theorist Douglas Kellner describes the star as “a highly influential pop culture icon” and “the most discussed female singer in popular music.”

Editor of Chicago Reader, Bill Wyman, said that Madonna is a “genuinely freakish figure in popular music.”

Marcel Danesi said that “perhaps no one has understood the ambiguity of pop culture with regard to womanhood more than Madonna.”

In 2008, Billboard magazine ranked Madonna at number two, behind the one and only Beatles, on the Billboard Hot 100 All-Time Top Artists. This made her the most successful solo artist in the history of American singles chart.

Billboard also titled her as the top-touring female artist of all time.

Madonna has become a role model for businesswomen in the music industry, “achieving the kind of financial control that women had long fought for within the industry”, and generating over $1.2 billion in sales within the first decade of her career.

After she established her label Maverick Records in the 1990s, it became a commercial success only because of her, which was unusual at that time for an artist-established label.

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  • Kari Jaquith

    you mean people actually pay money to hear Justin Bieber sing…ROFL

  • oldman

    you actually call Justin a musician? Pardon me he is a teenage jerk.

  • Aaron Hutson

    Madonna is the queen of pop and always will be!

  • Patrick

    It’s too bad radio has shunned Madonna because of her age these modern girls like Katy etc wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for M

  • Michael Wenthold

    coldplay earns 60 million for being a bad U2 knockoff? What is this world coming to?

  • Sadie Carson

    Didn’t all of these so called musicians (Their words not mine) hang with all the OWS crowd and bash the wealthy and rich? Something is odd here…

  • buck

    most wannabe musicians do not know what music is!

  • ken harris

    give me some Freddie Mercury and QUEEN, some ELO, some Sinatra and a little Gershwin and I’m good.

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