7 Highest Paid Musicians

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Jay Z? Beyonce? Kanye West? Today’s top 8 highest paid artists are likely a far cry from what you’d guess.

So don’t get too cocky music snobs.


While you wouldn’t necessarily guess it because she’s not necessarily mainstream radio anymore, Madonna’s tours gross about 305 million dollars . . . not to mention the income of her fashion line Material Girl and her fragrances.


No surprise here. Lady Gaga, the modern day Madonna, rakes in a whopping 80 million dollars. Rock on, Queen Monster, rock on.


Earning more than popular modern day artists Skrillex, Carrie Underwood and Kanye West, Bon Jovi’s Yes We Can album is grossing about 3 million . . . per city. And to make you feel even worse – he still looks like he’s twenty.

Thanks for making us feel old.


Not only does he make hella-dough on the tour set, he also opened up several restaurants and launched a mescal line. All of this makes Toby Keith the five year running champion for highest grossing country artists.


The smooth poetic sound of Cold Play is worth an outstanding 60 million . . . and wife Gwyneth Paltrow probably spends it all on organic noodles, hybrid apples and expensive sweaters . . . but never, ever “cup-a-soup”.


It’s all in the jeans, folks. Bruce Springsteen might not be a spring chicken but he’s still raking in a cool 1 million per city visited. That brings Bruce in at an astounding 63 million for the year.


This young heartthrob appeared on the cover of Forbes last year. Not only does he make a lot of money off you (thanks to your teen), his fragrances and ad campaigns . . . he also owns stock in startups such as Tinychat, Spotify and Enflick.

Which means one thing – yes he’s a douche and yes he’s still richer than you.

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  • Kari Jaquith

    you mean people actually pay money to hear Justin Bieber sing…ROFL

  • oldman

    you actually call Justin a musician? Pardon me he is a teenage jerk.

  • Aaron Hutson

    Madonna is the queen of pop and always will be!

  • Patrick

    It’s too bad radio has shunned Madonna because of her age these modern girls like Katy etc wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for M

  • Michael Wenthold

    coldplay earns 60 million for being a bad U2 knockoff? What is this world coming to?

  • Sadie Carson

    Didn’t all of these so called musicians (Their words not mine) hang with all the OWS crowd and bash the wealthy and rich? Something is odd here…

  • buck

    most wannabe musicians do not know what music is!