Top 17 Bands Known For Their Live Performances

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While everyone enjoys listening to a good record in the comfort of their own home, there’s not a feeling in the world that can be compared to seeing your favorite musicians perform live. We all know that recording sessions bring out the best in some bands, but only the artists who know how to put on an unforgettable show have gained devoted fan armies and achieved cult status.

Here’s a list of 17 bands known and celebrated for their live performances:

1. The Queen

Queen is not only one of the most legendary bands of all time, but they were also regarded as one of the greatest stadium rock performers in the world. Apart from creating everlasting music, Queen achieved immortality when they outshined absolutely every other band at Live Aid 1985.

The truth is, wherever Queen performed, they overshadowed all other performers. The list of their legendary shows is endless, but many die-hard fans would definitely say that their 1986 concert in Budapest is by-far the greatest live act of all times. Other fans would probably tell younger audiences to watch their Queen is Forever DVD and enjoy three outstanding gigs, including the 1975 Xmas Hammersmith concert.

Basically, their live performances were so remarkable that everyone will claim the show they went to was the greatest in the history of rock music and Queen really didn’t have a lousy performance – that’s probably why they truly are one of the best bands ever.

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  • Tony George

    Really???? Kiss doesn’t make this list?????

  • Mark Evans

    WHAT!!! How come Rammstein doesn’t make this list.

  • the_lorax

    How the living fuck did Coldplay, U2, Lincoln Park, and Greenday make this list but not The Who or the Grateful Dead or Jimi Hendrix or The Band not make the list in place of them?

  • Punk Rock Patriot

    What do expect from a moron who right off the bat calls the band Queen, The Queen!

  • tedh754

    No E Street Band? Are you kidding? Springsteen became a zillionaire because of his live shows! And the Who? WTF!!!

  • tedh754

    Good point.

  • Darren Snakeman

    Queen tops this list too. But I wonder if anyone recalls Kraftwerk doing it live?

  • This list is idiotic. KISS has always had the best stage show. Anyone who’s anyone knows that. I gave up on them when Peter and Ace left, but they still put on the best live shows. They started it all.

  • Spastic Lab Rat

    One word: TOOL.
    This list is a joke.