Two Door Cinema Club Blend Electronics With Guitars Seamlessly



If you’re looking for a band like the Postal Service that is able to integrate electronic music with driving guitar-driven pop anthems, Two Door Cinema Club might be the band to check out.

All three members of the band sing and bring a mixed palette of sounds by combining sexy electro beats with twangy guitars and bass. The two main players in the band, Alex Trimble and Sam Halliday met at school and decided to leave in order to fully focus on the band, because they knew that they had something special together.

And they were absolutely right. Their first EP was released in 2009 by very cool French label Kitsuné, which got them on the radar of all of the most popular music blogs. They have also remixed songs for popular artists like Phoenix and Chew Lips, which introduced them to an even wider range of music fans.

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