U2 Returns To Paris To Show Terrorists The World Is Not Afraid



Everyone who is familiar with U2’s music knows the Irish rock band is not afraid to speak their mind, especially when it comes to topics such as social justice and anti-terrorism. In the wake of the Paris terrorist attacks, the band particularly feels they should be louder than ever and the best way to defy terrorism is to do what they do best: play some awesome music.

Lead singer Bono talked to The New York Times about the band returning to Paris to play concerts on December 6 and 7. The shows were originally scheduled for November 14 and 15 but were postponed following the terrorist attacks.

Bono explained to the Times that U2 ‘doesn’t have a history of canceling shows,’ pointing to the fact that they never, ever want to give in to terrorism. He further elaborated that they grew up surrounded by terrorism and hated the idea of evil winning. However, the moment he saw the look on the face of Live Nation’s head of global touring, Bono and the guys knew the shows were going to be cancelled.

That didn’t mean they were going to sit idle and watch the horrors on TV. Since their concerts were postponed, the band focused on helping Eagles of Death Metal. They wanted to give the band their plane, but the Eagles didn’t need it in the end. What they did need were new phones and Bono said that was the least they could do for them at such a dreadful moment.

Bono also spoke to the band members after the Bataclan attack, and he believes they need professional help to deal with the shock.

Here’s what he said:

“Post-traumatic stress disorder is a real issue for people who go through these things. They’re going to come through fine, but it was pretty bad.”

As far as U2’s upcoming performances are concerned, the band won’t drastically change their show. Bono said that U2 doesn’t need a script for a show in Paris after the attacks because their shows already revolve around similar topics.

To quote him:

“That’s the funny thing. But it’s not only joy as an act of defiance; it’s business as usual as an act of defiance. This is not a concert for heroes. This is just: Do your thing.”

Bono concluded that ISIS are a ‘death cult’ while his band is a ‘life cult,’ which perfectly summarizes their thoughts for the Paris shows, or in his words, ‘’If they change us, then they were effective.’

You can watch Eagles of Death Metal’s first interview after the attacks here:

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