Unreleased Lana Del Rey Song Leaks Online



While Lana Del Rey has been busy working on her fifth album, her fans have received an unexpected but still magnificent treat. Apparently, Lana didn’t share all the songs she made with her fans, so we now have the opportunity to listen to an unheard, unreleased song with the working title “Super Movie.”

The singer is famous for her ability to snatch you out of reality and take you into her moody melancholic world. Unsurprisingly, she channels the same energy in this song as well. The guitar melody is easy to the ear and it envelops you in the haze and longing that are ever-present in Lana Del Rey’s music.

There are some valid guesses that “Super Movie” is actually an older version of the song “On Our Way,” which was written in 2010. Neither of the songs was supposed to see the light of day but both were leaked. “Super Movie” appearing on YouTube will keep Lana Del Rey’s fans on their toes until her new album starts spinning.

Listen to the track here

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