Waxahatchee Releases New Album



When Katie Crutchfield decided to start a side project to P.S. Eliot called Waxahatchee, we decided to wait and see what she’ll do. She first released American Weekend and we kind of liked it. Next, she released Cerulean Salt and we definitely liked it.

Still, we were afraid that she might be one of those above-average talents that just sort of fade out. And then, just a few days ago, she released the third Waxahatchee album called Ivy Tripp and we are no longer afraid.

Katie is here to stay and what is more important, she is here to kick ass.

Do not worry, it is still the same Waxahatchee so that “kicking of ass” will not be anything more violent than simply letting her music and her lyrics speak for her. And they are doing it so well on Ivy Tripp.

The album is everything we love about Waxahatchee, only more focused and devoid of anything that could be considered filler or fluff. We still get all the honest and unprocessed emotion that Katie always shares with us. We also get melodies that get stuck in your head in matter of seconds and a certain unity of atmosphere that her previous albums sometimes lacked.

For an album that is about ‘aimlessness’ as Katie herself put it, it sure is a well-defined and economical album where every single sound or silence are in their perfect place.

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