Where Art Thou – 20 One-Hit Wonders You Wish Would Make A Comeback



They Came, They Saw..

They disappeared off the face of the freaking planet. Some of these songs were fun and some defined a generation, but the bottom line is we want them back!


Don’t know if you saw the video but Stacy’s Mom really did have it going on. But we seriously feel yipped. Every mom in our kid’s class wears crocs and listens to Lilith Fair. OMG . . . seriously. Are they just going to leave us hanging with The Freshmen? What the hell happened when they were sophomores?!

This hit came out in 2003. Not many people know, but the band got their name from a store off Route 23 in Wayne, New Jersey that sells, you guessed it, fountains and other types of lawn ornaments. It was covered by another pop punk band, Bowling for Soup, in 2011.
The song is about the dreams of an adolescent boy that is fawning over the mother of one of his friends. He hangs out with his friend Stacy in order to get close to her mother, who he fantasizes over.

The song is very much inspired by The Cars, which the band members will whole-heartedly admit.Even the intro riff is just about grafted directly from the big single “Just What I Needed,” that scored big for The Cars in the 80s.

Leader of The Cars Ric Ocasek was convinced that the intro of the song was simply a sample of his song, but Fountains of Wayne said that the riff was actually played and recorded in the studio to sound just like The Cars. The band even asked Ocasek to be in the video, but they never got a response from him.

In the video, you will see other tributes to The Cars. For example, there is a license plate that appears in the video that reads “I ♥ RIC,” which of course, is a reference to Ocasek.

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