Young Thug’s New Video For “Power” Is Awesome


Young Thug is easily the coolest rapper in the game right now. There’s no one like him out, and it’s great to see rap fans embracing weirdness instead of running from it. With a guy that raps so originally and dresses so oddly, you can almost always bet on Thugger to provide that same amount of originality and quirkiness when it comes to his music videos.

And he truly never disappoints. “Power” is the new single off his latest Slime Season mixtape, and it was directed, as most of his other videos, by Thug himself and Be El Be. Even though all of Thug’s videos are different, they are all pretty trippy and usually feature some sort of weird filters and washed out effects, as does this one.

One moment he is climbing up some type of medieval architecture, and then he’s dunking on dudes and sitting on the rim. What does it all mean? Who cares, it’s awesome.

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